Changing how the world thinks about nursing

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How do I start a Truth Chapter?

It's really pretty easy. Just email us at and we'll set you up with a chapter page.

Just gather one or more friends or colleagues determined to work on improving public understanding of nursing. Then see our chapter mission and activities page. We ask that you find just one activity that looks good to you and see if you can make headway on it in your local area. And then once you've done that one thing, please feel free to scan the list and find other activities or find activities of your own to help change how your local community views nursing.

Changing how the world thinks about nursing starts with each of us changing thinking in our local communities. If all of us do this all over the world, we can improve understanding of nursing which will in turn improve funding for nursing clinical practice, education, research and residencies, which will help resolve the global nursing shortage and improve the quality and quantity of care patients can receive.

Thank you for joining us!