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What can you do to shape a better image of nursing?

Take action with our plan to remedy the nursing image and the nursing profession

In Saving Lives, the book by our leaders Sandy and Harry Summers, there is an extensive plan laid out in the last two chapters which maps out how nurses can change how the world thinks about them.

But the plan is not limited only to nurses, one of the chapters is directed at non-nurses, who can do much to change how the world thinks about nursing. This is a necessary step to ending the crippling global nursing shortage.

See more about Saving Lives: Why the Media's Portrayal of Nurses Puts Us All at Risk

Everyone has their own abilities and interests. So we have broken down the suggested actions into categories. Please select the description that best fits your background and consider what you can do to help us repair the image of nursing. Thank you.

General public

Nurses and nursing students

Foundations and health policy makers

Nursing faculty, scholars and researchers

Nursing organizations, schools and journals


Hospital executives

Members of the media

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