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What projects would The Truth About Nursing like to tackle in partnership with funders?

General Goals:

Increase public understanding of nursing by providing accurate and comprehensive information on the nursing profession to news and entertainment media, to improve their depictions of nurses and coverage of nursing;

Motivate individual nurses to participate in the effort change public perception of nursing by increasing nurses' media awareness and ability and motivation to reach out to the media to advocate for their profession;

Rallying nursing organizations, schools and hospitals to join the effort to improve public understanding of the nursing profession through a coalition of efforts aimed at reaching decision makers;

Educating decision-makers, insurers, and physicians about the value of nursing since their decisions affect the strength of the profession and nursing's ability to deliver quality care and truly practice autonomously;

Educating K-12 students and other career seekers about the value of nursing and why they should consider it seriously as a potential profession.

Based on myriad nurses who contact us about situations at their workplaces (please see this articulate description of the challenges today's nurses face that was posted on the Truth's Facebook page), most health institutions today disregard the opinions of nurses. RNs are replaced by health technicians, who are assigned to perform nursing care even though they have not been educated as nurses. Patients deserve better. They deserve for nurses to deliver nursing care. If decision makers understood that nurses are autonomous professionals with their own sphere of expertise, whose assessments and decision-making are the difference between life and death, nurses would be adequately staffed. The only assistants they would have would fetch things and do clerical work (as is the case at groundbreaking Hahnemann Hospital) and they would be heavily consulted in any decision-making. In fact, nurses would be the vast majority of decision makers at health institutions and in any government body or insurer agency. From the patient's perspective, a stronger nursing profession would lead to the better health care for them because nurses would be able to provide the full range of nursing care and embrace autonomy completely. Changing health care begins with changing the ideas that decision-makers currently hold. If they understood the value of nursing, they would seek greater nursing input and fund nursing practice, education, research and residencies in line with their worth, instead of the paltry investment that goes into nursing today.

We are seeking funding to pursue work on the following projects:

The Truth About Nursing Project

The Hollywood Nurse Project

The Expanded Truth About Nursing Project

The Coalition for Better Understanding of Nursing Project

The Television Project



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