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Where can I get nursing recruitment materials to become a nurse?

Download our Be a Nurse flyer and distribute at will

Watch some videos on what it's like to be a nurse

Nursing Diaries: The Rookies -- possibly the best 1-hour film on nursing.

Nurses-- A five-part documentary on different nursing specialties: critical care, emergency, newborn intensive care, cancer, and psychiatric nursing.

Call the Midwife -- Television series featuring nurses providing midwifery and public health care to an impoverished section of town in the UK.

Mercy -- Get a DVD of a television series that featured nurses making a positive difference in the lives of their patients and was generally free of stereotypes.

Nurse Scientists -- A very good 11-minute video on nurse researchers and their work.

A Day in the Life -- Nursing at Michigan -- A fairly good 15 minute video featuring nurses describing the details of their work.

A few positive television show clips to watch:

Mercy -- Sonia advocating for a gender identity patient

Mercy -- Veronica providing pychosocial care

Nurse Jackie -- advocating for a head injured patient

ER -- Eve Peyton clip 1

ER -- Eve Peyton clip 2

Written information on nursing

The famous jello ad

See an exciting array of things that you never knew nurses did.


The making of an ICU nurse-- A great 4-part series of articles in the Boston Globe.

Swamp Nurse -- The work of a family partner nurse in the bayou.

Personal Stories

Two Cups: The healing power of tea-- A story about a nurse who saved her patient's life with a cup of tea (or in pdf format).

Care and chaos on the night nursing shift-- An article by a first-year nurse who was formerly an editor at the Wall Street Journal.


The Nightingale of Mosul: A Nurse's Journey of Service, Struggle, and War

Intensive care: Story of a nurse -- Bestselling author Echo Heron's book on her experiences in the ICU.

Blogs, Letters, Op-Eds

Nursing and the word -- Cortney Davis on her experience as a nurse and many more of her writings on nursing

One Nurse At A Time -- A blog featuring the experiences of foreign aid nurses.

What does a nurse really do? One patient's perspective.

Why every week should be nurse appreciation week -- A physician's perspective on the value of nursing.

American Nurses Association

Registered Nurse - A Career Guide at


I am your registered nurse-- Download a poster to inspire you.

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What is Nursing?

Where do nurses practice? Tell me about nursing specialties.

Why become a nurse?

How can I become a nurse?

Who should become a nurse?

Who are some nurse leaders, past and present?

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Last updated November 12, 2021

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