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Why become a nurse?

You get to save lives. That is not just one of the best things we can do for other people. It is also a huge adrenaline rush! Just ask any nurse. And nurses also make a tremendous difference in how people live their lives every day, helping patients regain and maintain health through nurses' clinical work, education, and advocacy.

But how does the life-saving happen? Nurses perform 24/7 surveillance and monitoring. That's what Florence Nightingale's lamp was all about. Nurses save lives by keeping a constant eye on their patients. With their years of health education, nurses know how to assess patients. When nurses notice a deterioration in their health, they make a rescue plan. In between all this surveillance and intervention, nurses educate their patients. Good nurses don't exist to provide service. The ideal is teaching patients how to provide for their own health needs, so they can go home and live healthy, productive lives. Nurses advocate for patients as if they were their own family members. Everyone makes mistakes. Nurses are the vital backstop, preventing or detecting errors that physicians and others make when prescribing medications or planning care. Nurses have to be tough, because sometimes they need to forcefully negotiate for a better care plan. You have to be willing to fight for your patient as if it was your little sibling in the bed!

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Last updated November 12, 2021

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