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1A    Friends man in nursing "The One Hundredth" October 8, 1998



Uhh, Monica, this is Dan, one of the guys that we're going to be going out with on Saturday.

So Dan, nurse not a doctor huh? Kind of girly, isn't it?


Nah, that's ok. I'm just doing this to put myself through medical school.



1B Grey's Anatomy clip defibrillation

Let's shock him

I am.

Ventilate George

Charging to 200



2 Grey's Anatomy adding nitroglycerin

Just adding nitro(glycerin)


3 ER triage

Dr. Chen, this is Eliza. 2 centimeter laceration extending through the vermillion border

I just split my lip, is all.

I promised we could see her quickly.

Hi Eliza


4 ER Thanks

Thank you

You're welcome.

All right.


5 Eight Simple Rules

Now look, I am missing work for this. I am a nurse. And without me, my patients could die.


Well no. But they could wet their beds.


6 A Few Good Men

I want the truth

You can't handle the truth


7 ER boob and the tube

These go between the boob and the tube, know what I mean?

(Catalina, "boob" is slang for breast and "boob tube" is slang for television.)



8 Grey's What took you so long?

What took you so long

She's having multiple grand mal seizures. Now how do you want to proceed? Dr. Grey. Are you listening me? Dr. Grey, you need to tell us what you want to do. Dr. Grey!




9 Off the Map

I have to go check on my patient.

Yeah, at least you have a patient to check on. I handed out bandaids today, like a school nurse.




10 Royal Pains

Thanks to all these lawsuits and counter suites, no institution will touch me. I can't get work as a school nurse.




11 Huckabee

She can't get a job emptying a bedpan. So if you didn't give that person a pardon they would be in essence unemployable, even in the most menial, entry-level jobs we have in the community.




12 ER ethics

We're not intubating Sam. What are you doing?

Hi, can you tell me who is on call for the ethics committee today please?
It's Larrabee. I've discussed this with him already.

I'm not going to sit...

Stop Sam.

I'm the doctor and this is my call. You can either go mix the morphine or take yourself off this case, because we're done here.




13 ER supervising

Hey, did you sign this?


Smart girl.

Shut up.

I want everyone who signed this petition in the lounge in 5 minutes

They staged a walk out.

No they didn't, they're on a break

For over an hour?

Well page them. Anyone who's not back in 5 minutes is fired.


14 ER autonomy

So did you straighten those nurses out chief?

Umm, they are autonomous professionals. If they want to have a meeting, we're in no position to question that.


15 Nurse Jackie cystic fibrosis

That seems strange I know, but it is the standard test to confirm or eliminate the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis

We force Harry to sweat and then we measure the amount of chloride in his perspiration.

We know, Jackie explained everything to us

Good. I'll do everything I can to get you the test results quickly.

And I'll do everything I can to make sure that he does.




16 Mercy gender

We've never seen a case like this in Jersey City before. In the whole state, for that matter.

Ashley looks quite female but she has never...

Ok, the party is over. I have to get some urine cultures.

But actually we were hoping to interview the patient

Some other time.




17 Nurse Jackie subdural

Hey, champ.

Pedestrian struck. Open tib-fib (tibial/fibula fracture). Pulse is weak and thready.

Peter, can you show me two fingers? Peter, two fingers? Watch the light, honey. Blood in the ear. Let's check for glucose, rule out CSF (cerebral spinal fluid), all right. This guy needs a scan.

Hey, I know what I'm doing . Jesus, (you're) bossy. That leg is f***ed up.

Ortho, seriously? He's got a bleed. I'm telling you right now.

He is totally lucid (clear thinking).

Acute subdural hematoma. The brain puffs up so fast it rips the blood vessels and you bleed to death inside your skull.




18 ER Eve Peyton 1

She needs you in there.

This woman is decompensating.

And that child is hypoxic. There should be an attending in there

I'll be in as soon as I can.

Ok then. Where is your difficult airway box.

It's over there.

Excuse me, Ms. Peyton?

I have a PhD, so if you would like to get formal, call me doctor.




19 ER Eve Peyton 2

What is going on? Laryngeal mask airway.

Tip of the cuff on the palate and guide with your index finger until you feel the resistance of the hypopharynx. And inflate? And bag (give breaths with the ambu bag).

You might want to educate your residents about the LMA as a rescue device in can't intubate, can't ventilate patients.

Sats (oxygen saturation level) are coming up. It's working

Thank you. Thank you.

Take it from here doctor, I'm going to go find a bedpan that needs emptying.




20 Tag Body Spray

Mmmm. Show me where it hurts. Warning. Please limit wearing of TAG Body Spray in hospital settings. Failure to do so may result in an outbreak of highly contagious lusty-nurse fever. Ouch.

Tag Body Spray for guys. Mmmm. Consider yourself warned.




21 Dentyne

Did you call? Hi, I'm Derrick. Tanya, hi. Dentyne. Get fresh




22 Grey's Did you just call me a nurse?

4B has post op pneumonia.

Are you sure that's the right diagnosis?

I don't know. I'm only an intern. Why don't you go spend 4 years in medical school and let me know if it is the right diagnosis.

God, I hate nurses.

She may not have pneumonia you know. She may be splinting or have a pulmonary embolism.

Like I said, I hate nurses.

What did you just say? Did you just call me a nurse?




23 ER medical school

You are a good nurse Abby. But you could be a great doctor.

How have you been.

Good. I'm back in medical school.




24 RIzzoli & Isles

Uhhh. Maura said you were in medicine. Are you a doctor?


Uhh, EMT (emergency medical technician / paramedic)


A male nurse! That is so cool. So what happened between you and your girlfriend?

Oh, we couldn't agree about kids.

Oh, she wanted them and you didn't?

No, I just love the idea of being a stay-at-home daddy. But she wanted to stay at home too. Someone has got to work, right?




25 Nurse Jackie Angel

You are an angel.




26 ER battleaxe

She's seizing. Point 5 mg. of Ativan.

I can't take a verbal prescription for a benzodiazapine from a medical student

Rapp is gone and Matt's in a delivery. Give her the Ativan. I could lose my job.

She's seizing. That's the least of her worries at this point. Let's just wait to see what Matt says when he gets back.

Versed will do the same thing.

You can't give that without a cosigned order.

I'm telling Dr. Rabb.

You do that.

She'll kick you guys off the rotation.

She can kick me off, Neela has nothing to do with it.




27 Archbiship Desmond Tutu mov file, mp4 file, m4a file (just the audio)

I think that we have very gravely underestimated the damage that Apartheid inflicted on all of us. The damage to our psyches. I mean it shocked me, I was due to fly to Jos, and so I go to Lagos airport and I get onto the plane and the two pilots in the cockpit are both black and Weeee! I just grew inches. It was fantastic! Because we had been told that blacks can't do this. And we have a smooth takeoff and then we hit the mother and father of turbulence. It was quite awful. Uhh, scary. Do you know, I can't believe it but the first thought that came to my mind was 'Heh, there's no white men in that cockpit. Are those blacks going to be able to make it?' Well of course, they obviously made it, here I am. But the thing is, I had not known that I was damaged to the extent of thinking that somehow actually what those white people had kept drumming into us in South Africa about our being inferior, about our being incapable, it had lodged somewhere, in me.




28 Mercy pychosocial care

You think I should have this surgery?

If you were my mother I would say, No, It's too risky and it probably won't work.

I'm dying.

Yeah, yeah, you are. There are a couple of things that scare me about this surgery. You could die on the operating table. At least that would be painless. Or you could die in recovery in pain and on a ventilator and that scares me. I think that you need to decide on the quality of time you have left.

You're the only one who has been honest with me. People treat you like you're an imbecile when you're sick.

If you want to stop treatment. All you have to do is say so.




29 House Cleanup

I thought you just cured me.

Unh uh (no). This is just diagnostic.

This is exactly why I created nurses. Cleanup on aisle three!



30 ER anticipating stethoscope needs



31 "Dr. Oz" Mehmet Oz

Dancing naughy nurses, 2011


32 2012 London Olympics

Dancing nurses


33 Accidentally on Purpose

Naughty baby nurse


34 Caravan commercial

Nurse needs physician to tell her what car to buy


Desperate Housewives

35 Gabby as naughty nurse to rid husband of pubic lice; 1:38; October 21, 2007

36 Male nurse/receptionist must necessarily be gay; 0:54; December 4, 2011


35 Dr. Steve-O

Chicken boxing 0:49

Naughty nurse spanking 1:15


36 Ellen DeGeneres  April 9, 2012

Audience member Keith Sakora dresses up as a naughty nurse; 2:21


37  NCIS: Los Angeles  September 24, 2013;  0:45

Nurse silently absorbs physician commands


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