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Where do nurses practice? Tell me about nursing specialties

Please see the links below for information on various specialties:

Emergency nursing (Why be an ER nurse?) or Carry Ramel's essay on loving emergency nursing

Intensive care / critical care / ICU (more information)

Maternity or perinatal nursing

Labor and delivery


Lactation consultation

Neonatal ICU (premature infant care), (what is neonatal nursing?)

Public health nursing

School nursing

Occupational health nursing

Foreign aid or development work nursing (more information and publications)

Home health nursing

Family partnership nursing

Hospice nursing

Psychiatric nursing

Operating room nursing

Oncology nursing

Recovery room nursing / perianesthesia nursing

Travel Nursing

You can see other more nursing specialties on and

Options for Nurses with Graduate Degrees -- including advanced practice nursing

Nurse educator

Nurse researcher (also see an 11 min. video on nurse researchers)

Nurse Practitioner -- more information on and NP Central

Nurse Midwife (more information)

Nurse Psychotherapist

Nurse Anesthetist

Clinical Nurse Specialist (an additional document) (CNS vs NP)

Forensic Nurse (formerly sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) or sexual assault forensic nurse examiner (SAFE nurse). See an article on the history of forensic nurses

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Click on the links below for detailed information:

What is Nursing?

Why become a nurse?

How can I become a nurse?

Who should become a nurse?

Who are some nurse leaders, past and present?

Where can I get nursing recruitment materials?

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Last updated November 12, 2021

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