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Lab Rats experiment a success!

Disney apologizes for mocking NPs on Lab Rats and removes insult from future airings of the episode

Lab Rats castFebruary 11, 2014 -- After many Truth supporters signed our campaign about the attack on nurse practitioners (NPs) on Disney XD's Lab Rats, and our good friends at the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) added their voices, Disney has apologized and edited the episode to remove the attack on NPs. In a 2013 episode of the tween series about a trio of bionic teens who live with their inventor father, the father mocked his brother by noting that he had turned into "Dr. Evil...or should I say Nurse Practitioner Evil, since you flunked out of med school!" Of course that's absurd. But the underlying assumption that NPs are wannabe physicians is not uncommon, despite all the research showing that NPs provide care that is at least as good as physician care. In any case, in recent letters to AANP and the Truth, Disney apologized and stated that it had removed the NP reference for all future airings of the episode. The company also said that it had shared our concerns with its programming team "in order to raise awareness about portrayals of the nursing profession." We thank Disney for taking these positive steps, and we have closed our petition. But we have responded to Disney and renewed our request that the company make amends, perhaps by having an expert NP character appear as an expert clinician on a future episode of Lab Rats. And we thank AANP and the more than 1,500 Truth supporters who signed our petition!

See the letter from Disney.





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