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News on Nursing in the Media
Archived News Analyses from 2001 and Prior


The Truth makes seven suggestions to "ER" in December

December 6, 2001 -- The Truth About Nursing (then known as the Nursing Vision) sends a letter following up on its November 2001 conference call with one of the producers and the medical advisor of "ER." The Truth made seven specific suggestions; on how "ER" can improve its portrayal of nursing.


The Truth and the ENA discuss portrayal of nursing with makers of "ER"

November 21, 2001 -- Members of our organization, three presidents from the Emergency Nurses Association and professors from Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing have a one-hour conference call with an "ER" producer and the show's medical advisor. more...


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Does Pink "missundaztand" nurses?

November 20, 2001 -- "Missundaztood" dresses Pink's young misfit thing in safe rock and hip-hop styles, and the self-declared un-Britney emerges with a fairly engaging album for bubblegum pop graduates. Unfortunately, the record includes a prominent and troubling reference to nurses. more...


The Truth About Nursing requests conference call with "ER"

October 10, 2001 -- Emergency Nurses Day -- In concern over how the negative portrayal of nurses is affecting the nursing shortage, The Truth About Nursing, then known as the Nursing Vision, sends a letter to "ER"'s Executive Producer John Wells asking that we set up a conference call to discuss some of our concerns about how the nursing profession is portrayed on "ER."


Powerful book From Silence to Voice encourages nurses to speak about their work

2001 -- A powerful new book entitled From Silence to Voice by Suzanne Gordon and Bernice Buresh, two journalists, has been released. more...


Landmark Woodhull Study on Nursing and the Media is released by STTI

1997 -- "The Woodhull Study on Nursing and the Media" has been released. This important study analyzes 20,000 articles (2600 health articles) published in 16 US newspapers, magazines and health trade publications in September 1997. more...


Kalisch and Kalisch publish seminal research on the image of nurses in the media

1982-1986 -- Drs. Beatrice and Philip Kalisch, Professors at the University of Michigan School of Nursing, published numerous articles as part of the "Image of the Nurse in the Mass Media Research Project." more...


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