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New York, New York Chapter of The Truth About Nursing


Please see our Chapter Mission page to see some of the activities we are encouraging our chapters to work on at meetings.

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We have named Natalie Carey (below) as the president of the New York City chapter.

Message from NYC Chapter President Natalie Carey:

My name is Natalie Carey and I have been a nurse 32 years. Natalie CareyLong enough to know that within this profession we have long endured too many stereotypes about our work that present inaccurate and demeaning portraits of what nurses do. I am hoping to get this NYC chapter up and running. I profess no hidden talents here except a desire to change the course of history and what occurs in the media everyday. I am a encouraging my fellow nurses to look at this chapter as an opportunity to do something meaningful for the profession and for the future of nursing. Current media portrayals are keeping some of the best and brightest from entering the profession and other nurses are leaving the profession daily, tired of trying to justify the work we all do. If you are like me and mad as hell and not going to take it anymore, I ask you to please join me and help me get a NYC chapter going. There are so many nurses who live in work in the NYC metropolitan area that this should be easy.

Thank you,


Contact Natalie to get involved in chapter activities at:

Natalie Carey

Members--our chapters our essentially be member-run organizations. As you may know, the Truth is largely run on volunteer labor with only a skeleton staff at the main office. So we really need our Chapters to coordinate and facilitate as many of the chapter events as possible such as organizing the time and place of meetings, and working together to work on the Truth's Chapter missions. Thank you.



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Established May 31, 2010