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KaIisch and Kalisch publish seminal research on the image of nurses in the media

1982-1986 -- Drs. Beatrice and Philip Kalisch, Professors at the University of Michigan School of Nursing, published numerous articles as part of the "Image of the Nurse in the Mass Media Research Project." As co-principal investigators of this project, Drs. Kalisch and Kalisch collected and analyzed data on hundreds of novels, television programs, and films created in the period 1920-1980. Their research established that the media had systematically degraded the image of nurses, and that this was a significant factor in how nurses were viewed in the United States. These scholars also outlined recommendations for addressing this problem. The Truth About Nursing relies on data and recommendations from many sources, but it gratefully acknowledges the watershed scholarship of Drs. Kalisch and Kalisch, which provides authoritative scientific support for our work. See our resources section for some of their work.