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October 2, 2007

Sandy Summers
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Dentyne gets fresh with nurses

Hundreds of nurses have protested Cadbury Schweppes' decision to keep running a "naughty nurse" TV ad in Canada. In the ad, "nurses" give patients romantic attention the instant the patients pop the company's Dentyne Ice gum into their mouths.

The gum ad's tag line is "get fresh," but the nurses say the "naughty nurse" stereotype is so stale, it's toxic. "The naughty nurse has been around for decades," said Sandy Summers, executive director of The Truth About Nursing, which launched the campaign. "And it remains an ad industry staple."

More than 400 nurses from around the world have told the company that they work hard to save lives and improve outcomes, but the Dentyne ad suggests they're frivolous bimbos. "We get that it's a 'joke,' but this imagery constantly links nurses with this joke as if they were no more than a standard comic prop," said Summers.

The Center argues that the constant repetition of this imagery in the mass media discourages practicing and potential nurses, encourages sexual abuse, and weakens nurses' claims to the resources needed to resolve the deadly global nursing shortage.

Summers noted that It would be no defense to stereotyping of other groups, such as ethnic groups, to say that those responsible intended no harm. "Even if Cadbury Schweppes is just trying to achieve some other worthy goal, like selling breath-freshening products to young males, its ads still reinforce a stereotype that contributes to a public health crisis," she said.

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