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Heart Attack Grill coverage


Nevada RNformation profiles our work

November 2005 -- Lily Gonzalez discusses the real-life impact of negative media coverage of nursing in this month's edition of Nevada's RNformation. Click here to see the article (pdf).

The American Journal of Maternal/Child Nursing editorial

September/October 2005 -- The editor of the American Journal of Maternal/Child Nursing, Margaret Comerford Freda, EdD, RN, CHES, FAAN, wrote a flattering editorial about our work entitled "Another Hero for All of Us." See the editorial...

"Telling it like it is."

April 2005 -- Journal of Neuroscience Nursing editor Chris Stewart-Amidei did her monthly editorial on nursing media images, why they matter and how nurses can work together to change the coverage. Our influence was prominently featured. Click here to see the article.

"Stop Griping and Take Action"

April 11, 2005 -- Terri Polick covers our JibJab campaign, which features President Clinton groping two nurses, in a Nursing Spectrum article. Click here to see the article.

Women's eNews commentator highlights nursing the media

March 30, 2005 -- Today the Women's eNews web site posted a very good commentary by Sheila Gibbons about the low visibility of nurses' work in the media, apart from stories about the nursing shortage. The piece explains why the news and entertainment media's treatment of nurses matters, and suggests that more attention to nurses' real contributions is a key part of overcoming the current nursing crisis. more...

Johns Hopkins Magazine coverage

February 2005 -- Johns Hopkins Magazine, which covers its University events, ran an alumni news story on us and our work. See the article in html or pdf.

Advance for Nurses covers the Center's work

January 31, 2005 -- Advance for Nurses' Kay Bensing, RN, MA, discusses the importance of our work in a new article entitled Web Site Alert: Make the Center for Nursing Advocacy a must-view site.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: "Nursing advocate bringing message of profession's value here."

October 12, 2004 -- Health editor Virginia Linn profiles us and outlines some basic aspects of our work, with a focus on recent campaigns protesting harmful media images such as the Skechers Christina Aguilera ad and a "Jeopardy!" question that "hit nurses like a wet snowball in the face." more...

Working World coverage

Christine Contillo covers our work in an article about how nurses can work collectively to improve nursing's media image. Click here to see the article.

Nurseweek interviews the Center's director

September 20, 2004 -- Bree LeMaire, RN, MS, interviewed our executive director in a piece entitled "5 Minutes with Sandy Summers" in this week's issue of Nurseweek. see the article

Nursezone profiles the Center

June 2004 -- Nursezone writer Debra Wood covered us and our work in an article entitled "Center for Nursing Advocacy Aims to Improve Profession's Media Image" featured on Nursezone's news pages. see the article

AJN editorial urges support for our work

May 2004 -- In the main editorial in this month's American Journal of Nursing, nursing leaders Claire Fagin, PhD, RN, FAAN, Pam Maraldo, PhD, RN, FAAN and AJN editor-in-chief Diana Mason, PhD, RN, FAAN (all members of the Center's advisory panel) called on readers to celebrate Nurses Week by supporting the Center. The editorial explained in detail how Nurses of America, a project spearheaded by Drs. Fagin and Maraldo in the late 1980's and early 1990's, pursued diverse strategies to improve media coverage of nurses and had a real impact on public understanding of the profession. The editorial argued that nurses today, in the midst of a shortage that has become a "major public health crisis," must likewise "sustain a collective effort to shape media portrayals of nursing." see the editorial

American Journal of Nursing publishes our "Viewpoint"

February 2004 -- The American Journal of Nursing published an op-ed on our "ER" campaign in this month's issue. The piece was written by executive director Sandy Summers and senior advisor Harry Jacobs Summers. see the op-ed

New York State Nurses Association profiles our work

February 2004 -- Diane Pineiro-Zucker, the Assistant Director of Communications & Public Relations for the New York State Nurses Association profiled us for the February edition of the NYSNA monthly report. see the profile

New Zealand Nursing Review profiles our work

September 2003 -- Fiona Cassie's long profile of our work for the New Zealand Nursing Review appeared this month. It also featured the Center's Kiwi board member Anita Bamford, RN, MA, PhD (candidate), who led the charge in early 2003 to stop Lion Red's use of "nurses" for their beer advertisements. more...

Nursing Spectrum profile

August 11, 2003 -- Today's issue of Nursing Spectrum featured a lengthy article about the Center for Nursing Advocacy and its work to improve the image of nursing. See the article.


American Journal of Nursing profiles Center

May 2003 -- This month's issue of the American Journal of Nursing, the official journal of the American Nurses Association, includes a full-page profile of The Center for Nursing Advocacy and its work to improve the media's treatment of nurses. more...

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