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Living with his mistake

May 2007 -- A new public service announcement features New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine urging television viewers to use seat belts, a simple measure that might have prevented him from nearly dying in a serious car crash in April. We applaud this public health effort, except for the fact that Corzine's ad attributes his survival to "a remarkable team of doctors," "a series of miracles," and a "ventilator" in the ICU where he spent eight days. Corzine totally ignores the Cooper University Hospital nurses who likely provided most of the skilled care that saved his life. His ad both reflects and reinforces the physician-centric media coverage his hospital stay received. We urge Gov. Corzine to set the record straight. See more here or go straight to our letter-writing campaign.



May 14, 2007 -- Today the site posted a short piece by Nina Muslim, "Emirati men urged to become nurses." The article discusses efforts to increase the number of men in nursing in the United Arab Emirates. It suggests increasing the number of men is especially important because they would not face the "taboo" on women having physical contact with men in such "conservative Muslim" societies. The piece reports that there are now almost no male nurses in civilian hospitals because there are few nursing programs "for men." The piece also says few Emirates citizens go into nursing (presumably the nation relies on foreign nurses) because there is a "misconception that nursing [is] an unskilled profession, long and odd working hours for relatively low pay." The piece does a fairly good job with some key issues in a limited space, though more might have been done to explore the problems these "cultural obstacles" pose for a nation that reportedly has the second highest incidence of diabetes in the world. more...


Two states

March 5, 2007 -- Recent editorial pieces have argued strongly for reducing regulatory barriers that limit the ability of nurse practitioners (NPs) to give affordable, high-quality care to a U.S. population increasingly in need of it. On January 22, 2007, The Philadelphia Daily News published "Nurse Practitioners Reporting for Duty," an op-ed by Tine Hansen-Turton, executive director of the National Nursing Centers Consortium. Hansen-Turton expressed support for a new plan by Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell to reform the state's health care financing system in part by expanding access to NP care. Today, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution ran an editorial by Mike King called "Patients will lose out." The Journal-Constitution forcefully opposed a legislative proposal to roll back the statutory prescription authority Georgia NPs finally won last year, and to make it so difficult for physicians to work with NPs that it could end their relationships--which we assume could mean the end of NP practice in Georgia. We commend the authors and the newspapers for their efforts. more...


Nurses Do Research?

April 25, 2007 -- Today Katharyn May, RN, DNSc, FAAN, the Dean of the University of Wisconsin at Madison School of Nursing (right), presented a persuasive lecture entitled: "Nurses Do Research? How Nursing's Public Image Obscures Nursing Science." Dean May includes a good deal of material from the Center to support her argument that nursing research and nursing in general is underfunded in significant part because of a lack of public respect for the profession. This 47-minute lecture is free to all. Just click here then complete the free login page.


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