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Find employment to work on the Ebola crisis

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Ebola nursing care

We are collecting all the job openings we can find for nurses to work with Ebola patients to help stem the global outbreak. If you know of more job openings, please let us know and we will post them here. Thank you!


First please take the CDC Ebola training course for health workers going to West Africa!


International Rescue Committee

November 16, 2014 -- If you are on Facebook you can contact Lara Ho who is working with the International Rescue Committee and has asked interested nurses with infectious disease or emergency nursing experience to contact her directly with a private message on Facebook. Most of the IRC's hiring has been sent out to an agency so contacting Lara might be a more straight-forward route. Or you can search the IRC's job listings here or see one specific job in Sierra Leone here.


United Nations

November 18, 2014 -- The United Nations has job openings for RNs here.


Save the Children

November 18, 2014 -- There are many job openings in nations with Ebola or for work back home.


British Red Cross

November 18, 2014 -- Is asking for volunteers.


Project Cure

November 1-26, 2014 -- as volunteer job openings for Denver-area nurses for work involving pre-sorting of equipment. Click here for details.


International Medical Corps

November 18, 2014 -- Not that we like its name, implying health care is all about medicine, and devoid of nursing. But in any event, there are jobs for nurses if you wish to apply with them.