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Busch Gardens teaches kids about nurses

Busch Gardens naughty nurse dancers 
October 2011 -- For an extended period this month, the popular theme park Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA, entertained visiting families with dancers dressed in naughty nurse Halloween outfits. Although this image is damaging in any context because it undermines real nurses' claims to respect and resources, it's especially unfortunate when directed at kids, who may have more trouble separating the common image from reality than adults do. Truth supporter Shawna Mudd, DNP, reports to us:

In the spirit of Halloween, the park had many events with a Halloween theme. How shocking was it that we went to lunch (yes in the middle of the day) to a Frankenstein themed show. Out came a number of women in "ghoulish" type costumes. It wasn't long before the costumes were flung off to reveal scantily clad women in the infamous "naughty nurse" costumes with visible bras and underwear, gyrating to the onlookers (and yes, there were many children in the audience). This continued through the entire show. My group felt as though we were at a strip club, not a family theme park. Later that evening, the same "nurses" were out in the park selling shots from their "syringes."

The Truth placed a call to Carl Lum, President of the park, and had a lengthy conversation. We are sorry to report that we were unable to persuade Mr. Lum to promise to avoid the naughty nurse image in the future. But we urge you to call or email and help him understand our concerns. His direct number is 1-757-253-3076, his email address is, and the park's general email is Please let us know at how your discussion with him goes.

Thank you! And thank you to Dr. Mudd for letting us know about this!



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