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Water made less naughty

September 2006 -- Recently, Constellation Brands, Inc. employed naughty nurse images to help sell its Hydra Vodka Water beverage, which is marketed to young adults. One print ad in the "Water made naughty" campaign featured a "naughty nurse" underwater, wearing a very short dress and putting on a surgical glove, while glancing seductively at the camera. Models dressed as naughty nurses also seem to have been a feature at events promoting the drink. We called Constellation Brands to discuss our concern that such imagery discourages practicing and potential nurses, while undermining nursing's claims to adequate resources in the midst of a global shortage. Michael Martin, Vice President of Corporate Communications, immediately agreed to work to discontinue use of the imagery. It has been pulled from the Hydra website and will no longer be placed in print ads.

Mr. Martin's letter to the Center said, in part:

The concerns you have expressed to me have been passed along to our Vincor Canada management, as well as the Hydra Vodka Water marketing team. It was never the intent of Hydra, Vincor, or Constellation to create, or perpetuate, an image that would negatively reflect upon the important and meaningful contribution that the nursing profession makes to society. I will continue to monitor this situation...

We thank Michael Martin, Constellation Brands, and Hydra for ending the use of these naughty nurse images.

And we send special thanks to Laurie Spooner, RN, BScN, and the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario, for their strong advocacy in working with us to persuade Hydra / Constellation to remove the imagery.

See Mr. Martin's letter to us in full.

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