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Are there any hot nurses at Walter Reed? Sean Hannity is on the case!

January 18, 2006 -- Today popular talk show host Sean Hannity reportedly had on his ABC radio show a U.S. soldier who had been wounded in Iraq. The soldier was an inpatient at Walter Reed Army hospital in Washington DC, where he had undergone many leg surgeries. We understand that Sean, apparently reading from an instant message one of his friends had sent him, asked the soldier whether there were any "hot nurses" at Walter Reed. The soldier reportedly replied that there were "a few pretty ones," but that most were "motherly." Center supporter Kerry Scott immediately notified us, and we called Sean's office to express concern about this exchange. Twenty minutes later, Sean himself called us back. He initially denied that the exchange could damage the nursing image, noting that his three sisters are nurses. We asked him if his sisters were hot. He hesitated--it seemed to us that he was squirming--before telling us that they were indeed hot. We talked about harmful nursing stereotypes for some time, including the "naughty nurse" and the motherly "angel" without health care training. In contrast to our experience with most national media figures, Sean actually appeared to listen to our concerns. He assured us that he is a big nursing supporter, and noted that he has discussed nursing on occasion on his show. He declined our offer to come on the show to clarify what nurses really do. Even so, according to Center member Patricia Andronica, Hannity made a few supportive comments about nurses on the air within a couple days after our conversation. We thank Sean Hannity for responding so quickly, taking the time to listen to our concerns, and making some effort to make amends. And we urge supporters to let us know whenever you see or hear something about nursing that you think is worth our efforts, so we can take quick action. Thank you.


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