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June 2005 -- The Center has learned that Nancy King Reame, MSN, Ph.D, FAAN, a prominent professor of nursing and research scientist, has been selected as host and spokesperson for "Pregnancy and Newborn Plus," a "new subscription video service on aimed at getting information out to Pregnant Women and New Moms." Professor Reame, a women's health expert at the University of Michigan, notes that she recently completed four days of shooting involving over 30 segments, though of course what is actually used will be up to the producers at iVillage and Hatrack Productions in New York. Professor Reame learned about this position as a result of a Center news alert in April.

The Center urged nurses to apply for the position following a request by and discussions with Hatrack Productions. We felt that it was important that iVillage find a well-qualified nurse to appear in this potentially influential product, which we have also heard referred to as The Newborn Channel--shown in many hospitals. Professor Reame has indicated that she first heard about the iVillage position as a result of the Center news alert, which had been made available to her at the University.

We understand that Professor Reame (right) had significant input on the content of the iVillage videos created, though as noted the producers make the ultimate decisions as to what is used. Professor Reame is the Rheatugh Grave Dumas Professor of Nursing at Michigan, as well as a Research Scientist in the university's Reproductive Sciences Program. Her research has focused on reproductive endocrinology, the effects of stress and aging on the human menstrual cycle, gender and health, and the bioethics of assisted reproduction. Professor Reame wrote the chapter on infertility in the landmark book "Our Bodies, Ourselves." This fall she will join the faculty of the Columbia University School of Nursing, where she will take the Mary Dickey Lindsay Endowed Chair in Nursing.

The Center thanks iVillage and Hatrack Productions for selecting such a highly-qualified nurse to help advance the cause of maternal and infant health, which can also do much to help the public understand the true value of nursing.

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