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Letter from University of Alberta Medical Students' Association

July 14, 2005

Dear Ms. Summers,

We would like to convey our heartfelt apologies to all members of the nursing
profession for any offense felt as a result of the “Nurses Song”, performed
March 2005. It was never the intention of any student involved in Medshow for
any of what was said to be taken seriously. Rather, it was felt that the
outrageous nature of the lyrics and the fact that the song was being sung by
“The Cretin Choir” made it obvious that the views expressed were being
lampooned, not covertly endorsed. We were clearly very wrong in this
assumption and it represents a regrettable lapse in judgement.

We are fully aware of the pivotal role nurses play in our health care system
and in society in general. We wish to convey our full respect for the skill,
compassion and dignity of all members of the nursing profession. In addition
to their roles as care givers, managers, researchers and health advocates,
nurses play a crucial role in the education of every medical student and we
gladly acknowledge this.

Again, we send our deepest apologies to our valued nursing colleagues.

Tong Lam
President of the Medical Students’ Association
University of Alberta

On behalf of the students involved in Medshow 2005

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