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Canadian Medical Association Code of Ethics guidelines


The Canadian Medical Association Code of Ethics offers some guidance for the medical students and University of Alberta officials. Some of the relevant provisions include:

Responsibilities to the Profession

  • Recognize that the self-regulation of the profession is a privilege and that each physician has a continuing responsibility to merit this privilege and to support its institutions.
  • Be willing to teach and learn from medical students, residents, other colleagues and other health professionals.
  • Avoid impugning the reputation of colleagues for personal motives; however, report to the appropriate authority any unprofessional conduct by colleagues.
  • Collaborate with other physicians and health professionals in the care of patients and the functioning and improvement of health services. Treat your colleagues with dignity and as persons worthy of respect.

Responsibilities to Oneself

  • Seek help from colleagues and appropriately qualified professionals for personal problems that might adversely affect your service to patients, society or the profession.
  • Protect and enhance your own health and wellbeing by identifying those stress factors in your professional and personal lives that can be managed by developing and practising appropriate coping strategies.

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