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Are nurses "blue-collar" workers?

Charles Osgood photoFebruary 4, 2005 -- Today CBS radio commentator Charles Osgood included in his regular radio piece an item called "High Demand for Blue Collar Workers" (scroll down). In this category he included the construction trades, electricians, HVAC, auto repair, landscaping, and nursing. The item was very positive about the jobs, making clear that these workers are "skilled" and that community colleges train them, but it also had a quote from one business owner suggesting that such blue collar workers should be proud in part because "[y]ou're not weird if you don't want to go to college." All of the above are skilled, important jobs requiring significant post-high school training. However, we don't believe any but nursing has granted close to a million bachelor's degrees and hundreds of thousands of graduate degrees, and has thousands of doctorally-prepared members working on the cutting edge of scientific research. Thus, we are concerned that nursing's inclusion may not convey to job seekers or the public the full nature of the profession. Center supporter Mary Dominiak, RN, MSN, MBA, sent Mr. Osgood a letter to register her objection to him.

See the letter, send one of your own or post your thoughts on our discussion board.

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