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Second update on Vogue plastic surgery campaign--Center's letter to be printed in November issue!

September 24, 2004 -- Soon after Vogue told the Center that it would not print any of the 300+ letters nurses wrote objecting to a plastic surgeon's unfounded comment that nurse anesthetists are "unsafe," the magazine reversed course. A Vogue editorial assistant told the Center that the magazine will print part of the Center's letter in its November issue, along with an editor's note. It is not clear what the note will say, but we hope that Vogue will refer to the clinical research showing that care delivered by nurse anesthetists is at least as good as that provided by anesthesiologists. Of course, the Center's letter also does this. The editorial assistant also said that she would ask Vogue's health editor to contact the Center as a resource for nursing experts. So please add your names to our nurse expert database and your story ideas to our story-idea database.

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