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Q: Why do you actually display the naughty nurse imagery you object to? Aren't you promoting the same thing you're complaining about?! Ha ha!

A: JBS naughty nurse underwear adUh, no.

A few critics have suggested that, by providing examples of naughty nurse imagery, we are actually working against our own mission, which they assume is simply to eradicate such images one by one.

We display some of the images we write about for several reasons. First, we cannot fully convey the nature of what we are discussing if we do not display it. We do try to describe the imagery to some extent for people who may not be able to view the images on their computers, but clearly the best way to illustrate the sexualization of the nursing image is to actually show the kind of imagery we're describing. We doubt many advocacy groups in other fields face criticism for actually displaying examples of what they're advocating against.

Our critics seem to imagine that we would be upset to know that anyone was getting off on the imagery we display. However, our mission is not to mindlessly decrease the number of people viewing naughty nurse imagery one by one, or to ruin anyone's sexual thrill, but to ask as many people as possible to think about the imagery and what it means, and to reconsider its use. Our critics often confuse our objection to the commercial media's sexualization of the nursing image with objections to sexual imagery in general, objections we have never made.

Moreover, if we did not display some of the imagery we were discussing, some might doubt the extent of the problem. If we did not illustrate our issues in this way, the same critics questioning our use of the images would likely claim that the imagery really was not so explicit, damaging, or widespread. Even some of those who are supportive of nursing might doubt the extent of the problem.

In addition, we actually want to attract those interested in naughty nurse imagery to our site. As they look at these images, we want them to reconsider such imagery, to plant a seed of doubt about what the imagery means and does (we realize that few would admit to being affected by the analysis we present). And in fact, the naughty nurse imagery has long been one of the key drivers of traffic to our web site. That is not an accident.

In sum, the naughty nurse imagery on our site serves our advocacy and educational purposes. Enjoy!

last updated: October 12, 2009.

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