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Submit a story idea for the media

We need nurses to give us story ideas for fictional or non-fictional media that depict what nurses do to save and improve lives. Take ideas from your clinical practice or research, and write them up in one paragraph. Then post your story ideas directly below on in our comments section .

We have posted a link to the story idea database on the Press Room pages of our web site so visiting members of the media can use this as a database of ideas for their articles, television shows, films or other media.

Please remember to maintain patient confidentiality when submitting your ideas.

The media does not pay for these ideas, and they may use them but not credit the person responsible--please be ready for this. But nurses need to do a better job at feeding the press story ideas so the nursing profession can get better coverage, so we urge you to submit a story idea every day after work!

If you would like credit for your work, please see our nurse-driven media page.




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