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References to Saving Lives: Why the Media's Portrayal of Nursing Puts Us All at Risk

Saving Lives: Why the Media's Portrayal of Nurses Puts Us All at Risk contains many references. Links to many of those are below:

Magnet Status

FAQ on healthy eating

Nurse-expert database

Media training


Nursing Autonomy

Enemy of the People

Infirmieres Sans Frontières

Mary Breckinridge

Florence Wald

What happens to patients when nurses are short-staffed?

Groundbreaking study shows that nurse short-staffing increases patient mortality, nursing dissatisfaction and nursing burnout

"Did I kill anyone today?" ED nurse sounds alarm on short-staffing in Newsweek

Reader's Digest: Burnt-out ICU nurse "blows the whistle"

No magic number

Q: How is nurse migration affecting nurses and the nursing shortage?

“Would You Like a Krabby Patty with That?”

"Touching the World"

"Baby We Were Born To Care"

"Q: Nurses Are Just Wonderful, But You Really Can‘t Expect Hollywood To Focus on Them, Can You? After All, Popular Media Products Have To Be Dramatic and Exciting. Why Don’t You Just Focus on Getting a Nursing Documentary on PBS or Basic Cable?"

The work of Beatrice Kalisch and Philip Kalisch on nursing's public image and the nursing shortage


Q: Well, if all that research shows how influential Hollywood is on health care--and Hollywood itself claims credit for improving the world through "medical accuracy"--why won't it admit that its portrayal of nursing is equally influential, and take steps to fix it? Especially since the nursing shortage is now a global public health crisis.

Q: I get that the public health community and even Hollywood itself believes that the entertainment media has a big effect on real world health. But is there any actual research showing it affects what people think and do about health issues like nursing?

Q: Come on. Even if the mass media does ignore nursing, or present it inaccurately, how can that possibly affect nursing in real life?

Q: OK, fine. I can see that some media probably affects how people think about and act toward nursing, like maybe a respected newspaper or current affairs show on TV. But how can some TV drama, sitcom or commercial affect people that way? People know enough not to take that stuff seriously!

Do physicians deliver better care than Advanced Practice Registered Nurses?

The Star-Ledger: "Nurses urge TV dramas: Get real"

JWT files memo 1, results

Nursing school stats

"ER" Action Page

House Action Page

Private Practice Action Page

Grey's Anatomy Action Page

Scrubs Action Page

Nursing Against the Odds review

Nursing Shortage FAQ

Problems Thwarting Nursing Recruitment and Retention

Aiken places another major study in JAMA, linking bachelor's-prepared
nurses with lower patient mortality; much of elite media yawns

Are nurses angels of mercy?

Don't you want nurses to be compassionate?

Male Nurse Action Figures and the pink pearlized heart shaped messages of faith and love

What's the big deal about "naughty nurse" images in the media? I mean, no one believes nurses really dress like that!

But I'm young and hot and I love people to think nurses are sexy! Promiscuous girls rule! Anyone who objects to the "naughty nurse" image must be an old hag "nursing leader" who hates sex and freedom, right?

Nursing Diaries review

Craig Barton rap recruiting video

Angels in America film review

As I Lay Dying Boston Globe review

Swamp Nurse, The New Yorker

Nurses 5-part documentary


Yo, Dog, What’s Up with this Nursing Thing? Are You Nuts?










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