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Nursing Representation on the Websites and Boards of Directors at the
17 Hospitals Ranked by U.S. News and World Report in 2012

Name of Hospital Magnet on Main Page Called some name that implies the hospital is all about physicians? Link from main page, about us or patient information page to information about nursing care Link from anywhere else to information about about nursing care Information about nursing services provided from search engine CNO on page featuring other top hospital leaders Nurse on board of Trustees (or Directors) Nursing managers on hospital website Media
Johns Hopkins Hospital
no name no
website yes
main (no);
pt. info
clinical services (no)
no only about jobs, not aimed at patients cannot find any leaders Zero nurses out of 82 directors no Gary Stephenson
Director, Media Relations
gstephenson@ verified zero nurses
Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston no no both main (no);
about (no);
pt. info (no);
clinical departments (no)
"Nursing" is one of 24 "Centers and Services" (but page is "not found") Found The Knight Nursing Center aimed at nursing development, not at patients not listed with leaders 17 members on our board of trustees -- of those 17, four are MDs, one is a PhD, none are nurses no Donita Boddie
Director, Public Affairs

Board address:
Mass. General Hospital
Administration - Bulfinch 2
55 Fruit Street
Boston, MA 02114
Mayo Clinic Hospital no no (both) main (no);
about (no);
pt. info (no)
"Why Choose Mayo Clinic?"
"nurs" not found;
Not listed under Departments
assorted pages, mostly about jobs can only find Trustees, no executives listed 1 RN of 29 directors, fact that she is a nurse is hidden (the 11 MD's degrees are listed, not the RN) Shirley A. Weis CAO (chief administrative officer) and Vice President; Leadership page Trustees page no emailed media relations newsbureau@ 2/29 1:21 pm
Cleveland Clinic Health System no no (both) main (no);

about (no);

pt. info (no);

"specialties" (no. not as they are listed on the main page, )
"Nursing" is one of 27 entries under "Institutes and Services" page. Links to The Zielony Institute for Nursing Excellence "oversees the practice and education of more than 11,000 nurses in Cleveland Clinic’s health system" The Zielony Institute for Nursing Excellence has quite a bit of description of various nuring activities, many pages on nursing Yes, led by Sarah Sinclair, BSN, MBA, (buried on the site) executive chief of the whole Cleveland Clinic; has an executive team, associate chief nursing officers at each of the regional hospitals zero out of the 18 elected and voting members of the Board of Governors. 100% of this board is comprised of physicians. The CNO and the Chief Adminstrative Officer (is she a nurse) sit on the12-person Appointed Board featuring 5 physicians. Only the physicians and 1 PhD research scientist get bios. The others get names only No, only the CNOs of the Cleveland Clinic's many insitutions main PR 216.445.7452

Tawnika Hawley spends 100% of her time on nursing, but not all of that time is on public relations
Cleveland Clinic main campus and also have 8 regional hospitals, Fairview has Magnet status, the others do not since June 2011
Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles no name yes
website no
main (no);

about (no (not geared at patients));

pt. info (no);

"medical departments" (no);
Magnet logo only appears on the nursing site that has been cleaved off of the main hospital site
separate section of the website that is cleaved off from the rest of the site. Has some interesting info, not insubstantial, but is aimed at recruiting nurses rather than educating patients about the value of the nursing care they will receive. e.g. "The philosophy of the UCLA Department of Nursing is to support the professional nurse, while nurturing his/her intellect, heart, soul, and imagination" (Who would care about nursing except for nurses?" only Pediatric outpatient department, lists 4 nurses nowhere to be found, except that a pop out video of her appears on the Dept. of Nursing page, welcoming nurses to check out the nursing pages, Heidi Crooks, R.N., M.A., chief nursing officer and senior associate director of operations and patient care services for UCLA Health System the lone student designate is a nurse, serving a 1-year term, other regents serve 12-year terms. out of a total of 25 Regents, (7 ex-officio)
Regents page
no Roxanne Moster (rmoster
Phone: (310) 794-2264 sent 2/29 11:08 am
New York-Presbyterian University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell, N.Y. no no (both) main (no);
about (no);
pt. info (no);
clinical services (no, out of 71 services, nursing is not even listed);
"Centers of Excellence" (no)
"During Your Stay" 36-page manual "There may be many nurses involved in your care as well." ("may be"?) nursing receives 1/4 of one page; slight discussion under "pain control", but the "team" does "hourly rounding" and the television does "patient education" "Safety and Security", no mention of nurses as patient advocates'; care coordinators make sure "doctors orders" are followed, nothing about anybody making sure nursing goals for patients are achieved (see Bea Kalisch reasearch)     Board of Trustees lists many Trustees, only the physicians and lawyers get credentials listed after their names, perhaps no one else on the board has gone to college   publicaffairs@

Sent email 3/2/10:38 am
UCSF Medical Center, San Francisco no name yes
website (no)
main (no);

about (no);

pt. info (no);

Patient Education section lists many pages of helpful info, each "Reviewed by health care specialists at UCSF Medical Center" Would these specialists be nurses?         UCSF News Office at
(415) 502-6397
Jason Bardi (415) 502-6397
Elizabeth Fernandez
(415) 502-6397
Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston no no (both) main (no);

about (no);

pt. info (no);
Nursing listed under "Support Services" on the Departments and Services page (apparently it's not a department) Jackie Somerville, RN, PhD   Board of Trustees
0 of 28 directors are nurses. Eight appear to be physicians. Dinah does not believe any are nurses
  Dinah Vaprin
Director of Communication & Public Affairs
(617) 534-1602
Duke University Medical Center, Durham, N.C. no name yes
website no
main (no);

about (yes! incl. a link to nursing

pt. info (no)
Some nurse leaders and their bios on the nursing leadership page     21 on the Board of Directors, 8 are physicians, not sure how many are nurses, none are listed   Media relations
Sarah Avery
(919) 660-1306
Mary Jane Gore
(919) 660-1309
Emailed 3/2/2:51 pm
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Yes name no
website yes
main (no);

about (no);

pt. info (no);

pt. services (no)
      8 members, including ex officio members, 3 MDs (2 of whom are ex officio), and 1 RN   Sally Sapega or 215-662-4386
Media relations
Barnes-Jewish Hospital/Washington University, St. Louis no no (both) main (no);

pt. info (no);

pt. services (no);

about us (not really. mentioned, and linked to a small page on Magnet, no link to the nursing dept.);
"Barnes-Jewish Hospital has a 1,800 member medical staff with many who are recognized as "Best Doctors in America." They are supported by residents, interns and fellows, in addition to nurses, technicians and other health-care professionals." Recognizing its excellent nursing care, Barnes-Jewish Hospital was the first adult hospital in Missouri to be certified as a "Magnet Hospital" by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). The Magnet Award is the highest honor awarded for hospital nursing by the ANCC. Magnet info listed under section "For Professionals" and its subsection "For Nurses"--not directed at patients Coreen Vlodarchyk, Vice President of Patient Care Services
listed with the 10 hospital adminstrators, MDs have that title listed in their credential on the webpage, Vlodarchyk's nursing background buried in her bio, which is linked from her name where it lists:
"master of science in administration from Central Michigan University in Mt. Pleasant, Mich., a bachelor of science in nursing from Wayne State University and a diploma in nursing from Hotel Dieu School of Nursing"
    Media relations
Jennifer Arvin, Manager
Crisis Communications
Human Resources
Patient Safety & Quality
Emailed 3/2/2:50 pm
UPMC-University of Pittsburgh Medical Center no yes (both) main (no);

about (no);

pt. info (no);

"Our services" (160 specialities listed, not even one on nursing)
  Magnet status discovered only by search engine       Public Relations
Jennifer Yates
UPMC - Media Relations
600 Grant St., Floor 57
Pittsburgh PA 15219
Emailed 3/2/2:48 pm

University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle no yes (both) main (no);
about (no);
pt. care (no); medical services (no)

only non-nursing listed under undergraduate education and nursing is not even listed under "Allied Health Programs" Shameful site, totally ignores nursing   24 on the Board of Directors, unclear how many, if any, are nurses   Media relations
206.543.3620, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., PST, Monday through Friday.
Harborview media line: 206.744.6397, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST, Monday through Friday, for conditions of patients at Harborview.
E-mail: Susan Gregg (, Clare Hagerty (, Leila Gray (
Emailed 3/2/2:47 pm
University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers, Ann Arbor
no name no
website yes
main (no);
about (no);
pt. info (no);
About us page links to the school of nursing, but does not mention nursing at the hospital    

Shameful PR page

No CNO on leadership page!

Board membership locked from general public


Media relations

For requests with non-urgent deadlines, send a message to
Emailed 3/2/2:46 pm

Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville no yes (both)
main (no);
about (no);
pt. info (no);
main page features a link to "Nursing at Vanderbilt" which is aimed at recruiting nurses, not educating patients about nursing   Marilyn Dubree, MSN, RN, NE-BC or call the Office of News and Public Affairs at (615) 322-4747.
Emailed 3/2/2:45 pm
Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York Yes name yes
website no
main (no);
about (no);
pt. info (no);
service areas (no)
      Huge Board of Trustees

  Media contacts
Ian Michaels
Press Secretary
The Mount Sinai Medical Center
Tel: (212) 241-9200
Emailed 3/2/2:43 pm
Stanford Hospital and Clinics, Stanford, Calif. no no main (no);
about (no);
pt. info (no);
guest services (no)
quality page, nursing not listed, but the Magnet logo is the last (and least) logo listed among the series of awards and rankings     24 Board members, none listed as being nurses, cannot tell if any are   Office of Communication and Public Affairs
Krista Conger | Tel (650) 725-5371
Ruthann Richter
Director of Media Relations
Office: (650) 725-8047
Emailed 3/2/2:42 pm


Data collected March 2012

Magnet data collected June 3, 2015