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News on Nursing in the Media

HHS agrees to explore new name for "Take a Loved One to the Doctor Day"

Health Gap logoFebruary 3, 2005 -- Today the Center received a letter from the Department of Health and Human Services' Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Minority Health Garth Graham, MD, MPH, promising to "work diligently in exploring" a new name for the annual "Take a Loved One to the Doctor Day" campaign. The letter, which followed a conference call between Dr. Graham and the Center, came in response to nurses' concerns that the current name failed to reflect the vital primary care contributions of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses. In his letter, Dr. Graham paid tribute to those contributions, and noted that he had directed the relevant government working groups to seek a new name that "we can all be proud of for the betterment of the populations we serve." Of course, this is not a guarantee that the name will change to something we favor, but given the challenges involved in influencing federal government conduct, we view this letter as a constructive response and a very positive development. We thank Dr. Graham and HHS for their flexibility and commitment to public health. more...

New York Times runs excellent Jane Brody column relying on nursing research to explore geriatric issues

New York Times logoJanuary 25, 2005 -- Veteran health journalist Jane Brody's Personal Health column in today's New York Times relies heavily on a recent American Journal of Nursing (AJN) report by the University of South Carolina College of Nursing's Elaine J. Amella, RN, PhD, to address key issues people face as they age. The column, "Aging and Infirmity Are Twinned No Longer," stresses that many of the physical and mental problems commonly associated with aging are in fact preventable and/or treatable. The column is full of important practical information for our aging population, and it is an excellent example of journalistic reliance on nursing expertise. The Center commends Ms. Brody and the Times for the column. more...

Go west, young nurse?

January 19, 2005 -- Today the Times of India published a short unsigned piece, "Nurses go west," describing an "exodus" of Indian nurses to foreign nations, especially the United States. One nursing college principal is quoted as saying that 80%--yes, 80%--of her students apply to recruiters for foreign nations. The brief piece fails to address the likely effects of this trend on Indian health, instead comparing it to the superficially similar trend in the migration of IT professionals--a trend that we do not believe is the result of a life-threatening shortage in developed nations, nor a cause of such a shortage in the developing nations from which they recruit. more...

"Crisis as SA steadily loses qualified nursing"

January 14, 2005 -- Today South Africa's Star ran a good piece by Bruce Ventner describing the magnitude of that nation's "critical" nursing shortage. The piece reports that South Africa is "steadily losing" its best trained nurses, especially in rural areas, even as the growing population and expected increases in communicable diseases will mean a greater demand for skilled care. more...

Nursing America

Nursing America cover February 3, 2005 -- British journalist Sandy Balfour's Nursing America is a look at the lives and work of skilled nurses coping with the inequities and violence of urban America at a major public hospital. Balfour is a good listener, and the most powerful parts of his book are the stories and commentary of nurses who explain some of what they do, and why they work at Memphis' Regional Medical Center, or "the Med." At a time when understanding of nursing remains dangerously low, this engaging, nurse-centered book has much to offer. more...


Liberation logoJanuary 12, 2005 -- Today Liberation reported that several hundred French school nurses had attended a rally in Paris organized by their union, SNICS-FSU, to protest what the nurses described as inadequate resources, salaries and recognition for their profession. The very short item, by Julie Lasterade, quoting SNICS secretary general Brigitte Le Chevert as saying that the nation's less than 7,000 school nurses are not enough to handle its apparently more than 60,000 schools, and that 5,000 more school nurses are needed to meet the needs of French children. See the article.

New Center FAQ:

Q: What's the big deal about "naughty nurse" images in the media? I mean, no one believes nurses really dress like that!

A: Linking sexual images so closely to the profession of nursing--to even the fantasy idea that working nurses are sexually available to patients--reinforces long-standing stereotypes. Those stereotypes continue to discourage practicing and potential nurses, foster sexual violence in the workplace, and contribute to a general atmosphere of disrespect. Desexualizing the nursing image is a key part of building the strength the profession needs to overcome the current shortage, which threatens lives worldwide, and to meet the challenges of 21st Century health care. more...

Oxfam logoCare logoOxfam and Care need us to help contact US government officials to ask for increased support for tsunami victims

February 3, 2005 -- Oxfam America and Care would like our support for their letter-writing campaigns to increase US government financial support to the tsunami victims. Please join the Oxfam and Care campaigns. Thank you. See our full page on how to help the tsunami victims.

Advance for Nurses covers the Center's work

January 31, 2005 -- "Advance for Nurses' Kay Bensing, RN, MA, discusses the importance of the Center's work in a new article entitled Web Site Alert: Make the Center for Nursing Advocacy a must-view site.

Skechers Christina Aguilera ad sneaks a comeback

Christina Aguilara Skechers photoLast week we received an alert from a supporter about a Skechers Christina Aguilera naughty nurse ad hanging in the Skechers store in a large Toronto mall. This is the ad that 3000 of us had successfully campaigned against in August 2004. A call to the store manager by the Center brought the poster down immediately. He was apologetic and expressed support of nurses. The manager also said he never received word from the main office not to hang it despite Skechers' Aug. 2004 agreement not to use it. We placed calls to Skechers headquarters and they promised that they would send out a memo to all of their stores not to use the ad.

So please let us know if you see any more Skechers "naughty nurse" ads. You are our eyes and ears. Thank you.

Please help us make a few telephone calls

We need your help convincing the assistants at JibJab and Scrubs to schedule telephone calls between us and their bosses to discuss the effects of their media on the nursing image. When we reach roadblocks with various assistants of media-makers who refuse to schedule telephone calls, it's often difficult to get beyond them without ratcheting up the pressure. So the more calls you make, the more likely they are to schedule the call. Please help us get these calls scheduled so that we can try to make some headway with these two negative media-makers.

Please call Scrubs and ask them to schedule a call between Bill Lawrence and the Center. Call 1-818-623-1880, ext. 104. (Pacific time.)

Please call JibJab and ask them to schedule a call between Gregg and Evan Spiridellis and the Center. Call 1-310-586-1576. (Pacific time.)

Then please email us at to let us know that you called so we can keep track of how many calls went out. Thank you very much!

Please remember our letter-writing campaigns. If you agree with them, please join them!

JibJab; "Scrubs"; Smart Money; Bras 'n Things; "ER"; 3 Wishes Lingerie; "Passions"

We need your help us make this work. Thank you!

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