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Crazy school kids insist on staying alive, Part II

February 24, 2004 -- Today the Boston Globe published a very effective editorial opposing the plan of Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney to cut the state's school-based health program, which would reportedly mean layoffs of hundreds of school nurses.

The Globe's editorial, "A threat to school nurses," carefully explains that school nurses are critical, front-line caregivers to school children who face serious conditions including asthma, diabetes and obesity. It describes the central role school nurses play in detecting serious health problems, and as the primary source for education about "the hazards of smoking, drinking, substance abuse, and risky sexual activity." The editorial also shows why a potential alternative way to finance school nursing would be inadequate.

Two days earlier, the Globe had published a powerful letter from 10-year-old Anthony J. Delmonaco protesting the plan. See "Crazy school kids insist on staying alive, Part I".

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The Globe deserves support and thanks for its editorial and for publishing Mr. Delmonaco's letter--both items did a great job highlighting the work of nurses and explaining why the work of nurses saves and improves lives. Please click here to send a note of thanks to the Boston Globe for helping to improve public understanding of nursing.


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