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Regressive nursing stereotypes on a major network soap opera? No!

October 24, 2003 -- Some found the private nurse character Glenda appearing on the October 21-23 episodes of CBS's 47-year-old "As the World Turns" to be a stereotypical "naughty nurse" who sported sexually aggressive attire and attitude--to say nothing of the fact that, according to the show's web site, Glenda was soon fired for showing up at work drunk. Unprofessional stereotypes remain a major obstacle to improving the nursing image, which is a critical part of resolving the global nursing shortage. An example in the ever-turning world of daytime drama is the character "Nurse Precious," an orangutan who has appeared many times on NBC's "Passions" since early this year. If you saw any of these episodes of "As the World Turns" and believe that the depiction of Glenda was harmful to the nursing profession, we urge you to contact Executive Producer Christopher Goutman at and blind carbon copy us at the Center at We will post a copy of your letter on our discussion board for all to see. If you do not wish to have your letter posted, please contact us at Your name, credentials, title, city and state will appear unless you request otherwise, then we will be happy to post only your requested information.

Please send a copy of your email by snail mail to:
Christopher Goutman, Executive Producer
As the World Turns
1268 E. 14th St.
Brooklyn NY, 11230

Also please call the Production Office to register your objection at

You may also call the Publicity Department at:

Please email a copy of your letter on the CBS form at:

Also snail mail a copy of your letter to:
CBS Television Network
51 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019

And telephone them at:
(212) 975-4321

Thank you for advocating for the nursing profession!

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