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How to survive the plague of short-staffing: Weekend Today features nurse as health expert

October 4, 2003 -- Donna Cardillo, RN, MA, was featured as a health expert on NBC's Weekend Today with host Campbell Brown to discuss the nursing shortage and practical measures patients and their families can take to cope with it.

Recognizing that the nursing shortage has become one of the most urgent global health crises of our time, patient advocate Cardillo provided patients and their families information on how to survive an in-patient stay despite hospital short-staffing.

Although patient education is an important part of nursing and nurses excel at it, it is still unusual for nurses to be featured in television health spots. When they are, it not only improves public health, but also shows the public that nurses are knowledgeable health professionals who can deliver complex information in an accurate and understandable way.

To contact or to learn more about Donna Cardillo, go to her web site: In particular, see Ms. Cardillo's details about her Weekend Today appearance.


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