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Spanish-speaking nations' press covers Center's "Urgencias" campaign

November 28, 2003 -- The Center's "ER" campaign has been the subject of recent articles in prominent newspapers in Spanish-speaking nations, specifically Spain's El Mundo and Argentina's Clarín.

María Valerio's El Mundo article, published on November 24, seems to be based largely on the November 18 Washington Post piece. It notes that "ER," apparently called "Urgencias" in Spain, had been made popular there by George Clooney. The story describes the campaign and includes supporting and opposing views from the Post article. The final paragraph had the reaction of an unnamed Spanish nurse. While the nurse appeared to feel that "Urgencias" generally presented the nursing profession well, she agreed that it focused more on the roles of physicians than nurses, and she preferred the role of nurse Hathaway, whom she found active and diligent, to that of nurse Lockhart, which was "more doubtful."

The November 25 piece in Clarín, which was uncredited, seemed to be based on both the El Mundo and Washington Post articles. The Clarín article was shorter and did not include the views of Argentinean nurses, but it did convey the essence of the Center's campaign and the surrounding debate. This piece also appears, apparently verbatim, in the November 27 issue of Los Andes.

See María Valerio's article "'Urgencias', culpable de la falta de enfermeras" in Spain's El Mundo. in the original Spanish, or in a very rough English translation from the translator below.

See "La culpa la tiene E.R.: Algunas instituciones acusan a la popular serie médica de desacreditar la profesión de enfermería" in Argentina's Clarín in the original Spanish, or in a very rough English translation from the translator below.

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