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HealthDay summary on "ER" campaign appears on many health information sites in U.S. and Switzerland

November 20, 2003 -- A summary created by the widely distributed HealthDay news service about the November 18 Washington Post story on the "ER" campaign has appeared on many health information web sites, including the U. S. government's Healthfinder site, numerous U.S. press sites, and the Swiss Health on the Net Foundation site.

The HealthDay summary briefly describes the Center's concerns about "ER," including examples of inaccurate plot elements, such as physicians doing key tasks usually done by nurses in real life. It also includes an unnamed "ER" executive's dismissal of the allegations, as reported in the Post article.

In the United States, the summary appeared on the federal government's multi-agency Healthfinder web site on November 20. On November 19, it appeared on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution site, the Palm Beach Post site, the Palm Beach Daily news site, the Waco Tribune-Herald site, the Ohio news site ActiveDayton, the Hamilton JournalNews site (Ohio), and the Daily Reflector site (North Carolina).

In Switzerland, the influential health information portal Health on the Net Foundation placed the summary on the News portion of its site on November 20. The Geneva-based Foundation has been granted consultative status to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.





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