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Guardian: Psychiatric nurse manager Emma Brandon named Britain's "best boss"

May 21, 2003 -- An article by Raekha Prasad in today's Guardian describes a British charity's presentation of a "best boss" award to a senior charge nurse who introduced flexible work schedules that boosted morale, cut staff turnover and sick time, and improved patient care. Emma Brandon, who manages a staff of 16 on a 20-bed ward of patients with "severe mental health problems" at Hellesdon Hospital in Norwich, spoke with staff members about the hours they preferred. Then she devised shift schedules that accommodated their needs, while maintaining the mix of qualifications and genders required for the unit to function. Brandon's leadership reportedly resulted not only in a "dynamic," "happier" work environment that "brought out the best in everybody," but reduced abuse, shouting and violence among the patients. The award was presented by the charity Parents at Work, with support by Lloyds TSB Bank.

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