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Complete survey and help design new nursing uniform

July 4, 2003 -- The University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing is asking nurses to complete a 5-minute survey it is co-sponsoring to help fashion designers create a new uniform for today's nurses. The resulting uniform is scheduled to go on display in October 2003 in an exhibition entitled "Life Styles: The Past, Present and Future of the Nurse Uniform" at the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia. Artists and fashion designers Mark Dion and J. Morgan Puett will use the information you provide to design a uniform which is flattering, yet practical, and which can "live up to the demands and issues of the profession today." For evidence as to why creating a professional-looking nursing uniform is incredibly important, see materials related to one television reporter's opinion of today's floral scrubs by clicking here.

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Click here to take the survey at the Fabric Workshop and Museum's web site.