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Second "Scrubs" episode with Rick Schroder continues positive depiction of male nurse

February 21, 2003 -- The February 20 "Scrubs" episode again featured Rick Schroder's portrayal of Paul Flowers, the confident, witty and sensitive nurse character currently dating physician Elliot Reed (Sarah Chalke). The episdoe was entitled "My Karma."

The Flowers character easily shrugged off anti-male nurse bias from a surgeon the show regularly depicts as an obnoxious fool. In another scene, Flowers embarrassed the show's lead character, intern J.D. (Zach Braff), by offering a vastly superior toast to J.D.'s newly engaged friends. The Center hopes that the show's producers continue to feature Flowers and/or other positive male nurse characters, ideally in contexts that also convey the importance, autonomy and range of real life nursing, which recent episodes have not done.


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