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Polaneczky keeps pushing for MCP nurses

December 11, 2003 -- Philadelphia Daily News columnist Ronnie Polaneczky today continued her seemingly relentless campaign on behalf of the nurses striking a local hospital over mandation (forced overtime).

In today's column, she explains the strong support the Medical College of Pennsylvania (MCP) nurses enjoy from City Controller Jonathan Saidel, whose prematurely born daughter spent three years in an ICU.

According to Polaneczky, while Saidel's daughter Jackie was in the hospital, a nurse was always "at her side - monitoring her every function, keeping her comfortable, alerting doctors when she was failing, constantly explaining to Saidel and his wife what was needed to get Jackie over the next hurdle." Saidel told Polaneczky that "[w]e had great doctors, but the nurses kept her alive."

Polaneczky again cites the risks to patients as a result of mandation, a practice MCP has so far refused to end. She mentions legislation recently introduced by Pennsylvania state Senator Tina Tartaglione that would generally limit the hours of health care workers to 80 hours per two week period. Apparently, Tartaglione has seen what today's nurses face as a result of being hospitalized since a serious boating accident in September. Polaneczky notes that the labor dispute is currently before a federal mediator.

Once again, the Center commends Polaneczky for highlighting these important nursing issues.

See Ronnie Polaneczky's "For city controller, MCP strike's personal" in the Philadelphia Daily News.

Also see Ms. Polaneczky's November 13 article Nurses make a difference: Practitioners could ease doctor shortage, her Nov. 17 article "MCP strike over standards a lesson for labor" and her Nov. 25 article "Nurses are ready to work, but want fair staffing" all in the Philadelphia Daily News.

Ronnie Polanesczky may be sent letters of thanks at

Terri Brown, RN recommends that we all send words of encouragement to the striking MCP nurses at Terri says: "These nurses appreciate any e-mails they get; it really has surprised them how they have been hearing from other nurses from across the country."


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