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"All Things Considered" features pediatric nurse expert in flu story

December 11, 2003 -- Today Melissa Block's report on NPR's "All Things Considered" about this season's severe flu epidemic consisted largely of an interview with a clinical nurse manager of pediatrics and pediatric intensive care at a Colorado Springs hospital.

Denise Millot, a pediatric nurse for 19 years, described the extraordinary volume of influenza cases--apparently up to two thirds of the hospital's total pediatric patients--as well as the basic approach involved in caring for them. Many children have already died from the flu this year, including two at Millot's hospital. Millot also explained in straightforward terms what parents should look for in deciding whether their children should visit the hospital.

NPR and Melissa Block deserve credit for featuring an experienced nurse expert in this important story.

Listen to Denise Millot's interview with Melissa Block "Record Numbers of Children Suffering from Flu" on NPR's "All Things Considered."