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Some time ago, Archie McPhee was marketing a "Male Nurse Action Figure" that countered many nursing stereotypes.

The Truth About Nursing strives to help others see nursing as a three-dimensional modern profession--of skilled, hard-working real men and women, so that's why we love the nurse action figure from Archie McPhee. Our "male nurse" (as if we can't tell he's male from his appearance) is described by the creators as such:

"Armed with a stethoscope and a clipboard holding an X-ray, this 5-1/4" tall, hard plastic Male Nurse Action Figure is ready to treat your symptoms and fix what ails you. Male nurses make up a small minority of nurses, but this number is growing. These men are blazing the trail as role models and mentors for generations to come. Thank a male nurse today!"

Indeed. We must thank our male colleagues for their contribution to nursing and encourage our sons and brothers to join their ranks. Alternatively, we could convince them to go into business creating figurines and action heroes that depict nurses as heroic life savers instead of virtuous angels. As for Archie McPhee, a review of some of their other "action figures" reveals a high tongue-in-cheek quotient (such as the "Librarian Action Figure" with 'shushing action,' the "Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure," or the irresistible "Stereotypes of the World Dolls"(no longer available)). It's certainly easy to imagine the "Male Nurse Action Figure" as a joke gift. But we see no overt mockery in the action figure itself, the company's marketing includes none of the obvious jabs used for other products--even citing the male nurse figures above--and in a world of angels and teddy bears, we prefer to see the product as a straight up tribute.

Sadly Archie McPhee stopped making these action figures some time ago, so they are no longer available. Please go into business making empowering nurse action figures to help encourage the next generation of men and women to become nurses. Thank you!

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