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How can I stop being constipated?

There are several strategies to avoid and treat constipation and get your gut healthier and less likely to get colon cancer. You don't need any medication. Treating and curing constipation is free!


Foods we eat

Manual pressure



Try to drink 8-12 cups of water per day. This makes your poop softer and easier to move through your digestive tract. If we dehydrate ourselves, our poop becomes dry and difficult to move through our bowels. Dehydration can lead to kidney stones, pneumonia and heat stroke. The human body needs water to function properly. The vast majority of people walk around every day so dehydrated! It leads to a feeling of unwellness, dizziness, lack of energy. Then people mistake thirst for hunger and so they eat when they are actually thirsty, leading to overeating. Before everything you eat--meals and snacks--try to drink a glass of water. You will feel better and probably have the desire to eat less. If you have kidney failure or congestive heart failure, consult with your health practitioner before consuming all this liquid.

Foods we eat

Animal flesh (beef, pork, chicken, sheep, goat, deer, fish) leads to constipation.

Animal eggs, milks, and cheese lead to constipation. Cheese is probably the worst food to eat when you are constipated.

To make it easier to poop, eat only plant-based foods. They are easy to digest and are exactly what our bodies are designed to process. Human bodies are not actually designed to process animal flesh, milk or eggs, which is why these foods make us so sick with heart disease, cancer and obesity, and our gut and bowels so uncomfortable. The human body is designed to eat only plants.

Eat a high magnesium diet or take magnesium pills. More information...

Humans are herbivoresWatch Forks Over Knives movie to learn about the important relationship between foods and health. The Forks Over Knives website also has healthy recipes on its website that can help you make changes in how you eat.

The flora in our guts affect gut health. Eating fermented foods such as soy yogurt, sauerkraut or kimchi can strengthen your gut by making it thicker, less likely to leak toxins into your blood stream and making it easier to poop. There are probiotics (healthy bacteria) in these foods which have these good effects on your health. These probiotics can also be found in pill form--take them with food.

Manual pressure

Nurses have to help paralyzed people poop, so we have techniques to help them. They can be used on people who are not paralyzed. The most effective is probably the technique of pushing upward and toward the back on the small piece of skin called the perineum in between the genitals and the anus. This is done completely outside of the body, fingers do not need to be placed inside any part of the body. Just push upward and backward on the perineum as you try to poop and you should find it easier. Women who have just given birth and have a traumatized perineum often find this technique very effective since it provides support to a very tender area.

Author: Sandy Summers, RN, MSN, MPH, biography