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2010 Year-end report

We continue our work to influence the widest possible audience, including in the following ways.

Saving Lives paperback coverOur publications

Saving Lives

Saving Lives: Why the Media's Portrayal of Nurses Puts Us All at Risk continues to reach nurses and members of the general public. With your help we have delivered hundreds of copies of the book to influential media and decision-makers. At the beginning of this year, Saving Lives won an American Journal of Nursing Book of the Year Award. It also won a media award from the Connecticut Nurses Association last month and a Sigma Theta Tau award last year.


When we generate press coverage, millions of people hear our message that stereotypical depictions of nurses are impeding our ability to solve the global nursing shortage. This changes the way people think.

We got an op-ed published on BBC News: "Is the media image of nursing damaging the profession?"

An op-ed we originally wrote for Kaiser Health News last year was republished this year for DC Nurse, New Jersey Newsroom, and the New Jersey Institute for Nursing Newsletter.

Nursing Times

The Nursing Times, a leading U.K. nursing journal, is in the midst of publishing an 11-part series of articles by Truth leaders on the image of nursing.

Presentations and Speaking Engagements

Truth founder and executive director Sandy Summers spoke this year to groups at the Connecticut Nurses Association, the University of Maryland, Pace University, George Washington University, Southern Connecticut State University, the University of Arkansas, Memorial Hospital West, and the Maryland Hospital Association. She also did a webinar for ADVANCE for Nurses that is still accessible online.

Press coverage

In-depth interviews

Voice of America did a feature report on the Truth's work, which reached people in most nations across the world.

District of Columbia Nurse did an in-depth interview on our work.

Mariah Carey video campaign

In March, the Truth's campaign to persuade Mariah Carey to reconsider her use of naughty nurse imagery in the video for "Up Out My Face" has received coverage in the Hartford Courant, the Baltimore Sun, the Calgary Herald,   ADVANCE for Nurses,  Scrubs Magazine,  HCPro, Healthleaders, the India Times, the Dallas Morning News, Modern Healthcare and other news sources.

Truth About Nursing Awards

News about the Truth About Nursing Awards appeared in The Baltimore Sun, The Post-Standard, Carolina Nursing News, Scrubs magazine, American Journal of Nursing, HCPro, and Evolve. The Baltimore Sun piece was reprinted in NewsDay, the Chicago Tribune, the Arizona Republic, The Tampa Tribune, the India Times, the Deseret News, The State, and the Island Packet.

Assorted other press coverage

The Truth was featured heavily in Laura Stokowski's great Medscape article, "A Letter to Hollywood: Nurses Are Not Handmaidens." The article featuring Stokowski's classic opening statement: "Dear Hollywood:  We, the nurses of the world, have something to say to you."

The Los Angeles Times column "The Unreal World" featured commentary by Truth executive director Sandy Summers about the depiction of nursing in a recent episode of NBC's Mercy.

The Fayetteville Observer covered the Truth's perspective on Nurse Jackie and HawthoRNe.

Scrubs Magazine and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation publications also featured our work.

Our chapters

Our Las Vegas chapter made local headlines this year when they protested a local nightclub's naughty nurse contest. We continue to develop chapters across the world and now have over 50 chapters in nine countries, with more on the way. Each chapter is reaching out to its local media to improve public understanding of nursing. With each chapter member taking ownership of his/her local community, we can effect global change.

The Reach of Our Website

Our website, which is 1700 pages and growing, received nearly 2 million pageviews last year--reaching nurses and members of the public all over the world.

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