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Chief Nursing Officers: Let Us Help You Increase Retention

Speaker: Sandy Summers, RN, MSN, MPH
Founder and Executive Director, The Truth About Nursing

Has your hospital faced budget problems because of challenges in retaining its best nurses? Sandy Summers, RN, MSN, MPH, executive director of the Truth About Nursing, would be delighted to help. No doubt you want your nurses to feel universally respected as a key part of your institution's health care team. But decades of subconscious ways of thinking can adversely affect how valued nurses feel. Fortunately, Sandy can help you change this dynamic! Strategies may include enhancing messages in the hospital's physical space and the content of hospital websites; helping media professionals learn about the unique contributions of nursing and how to spotlight them; opening avenues to increase nurse-led improvements in care, so nurses feel like they are part of the solution; encouraging decision-making bodies to include nurses; and helping hospital colleagues learn about the life-saving benefits of nurses' care roles, including planning, patient education and advocacy. When nurses feel valued in line with their real worth, they are able to provide better, more efficient care, which makes them happy to stay in their current positions. Let Sandy design a presentation, workshop, or program for your hospital!

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