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Speaking abstract:

In-Depth Four-Part Presentation on Nursing in the Media: How Nurses Can Improve Their Media Image, Strengthen the Profession, and Improve Patient Care

Speaker: Sandy Summers, RN, MSN, MPH
Founder and Executive Director, The Truth About Nursing

Can anything be done about our public image? Why should nurses care about the media? In this energizing four-part presentation, Sandy Summers, RN, MSN, MPH, shows how nurses can strengthen their profession by building public understanding of it.

In Part I, the founder and executive director of the Truth About Nursing, explains how the media affects nursing. Research shows that even entertainment media products have a significant effect on how people think and act with regard to health matters, including nursing.

In Part II, Sandy explores what is wrong with nursing's image, addressing the major stereotypes that continue to distort public understanding of the profession, including the unskilled handmaiden, the naughty nurse, the angel, the battle-axe, and the advanced practice nurse as cut-rate physician substitute.

In Part III, she discusses how this undervaluation impairs nurses' ability to perform three key aspects of their mission: providing life-saving clinical care, educating patients, and advocating for them.

And in Part IV, Sandy offers innovative strategies to help nurses improve understanding of their profession, in contexts ranging from everyday interactions to media outreach to creating their own media. This compelling program empowers nurses to change their profession and protect public health.

(These four segments are envisioned to be roughly 45 minutes each, but they can be adapted to fit almost any length of time.)

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