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Bumper Stickers

We can give you as many bumper stickers as you would like to distribute to your colleagues, students, friends and family as long as they don't exceed the value of your donation here.

In addition to bumper stickers, we would be happy to send you one of the following:

Saving Lives Paperback or digital copy

Saving Lives: Why the Media's Portrayal of Nursing Puts Us All at Risk is available in paperback or digital format. Each edition of Saving Lives has won Book-of-the-Year Awards from the American Journal of Nursing. For the digital, we offer either Nook, Kindle or iBook versions. If you don't own these devices, no worries: you can download free of charge Nook for PC or Mac to read on your computer! Please email us to let us know your preference and we will get you a copy. See more about Saving Lives!

Saving Lives

Car Magnet

3" x 10" car magnet like the image to the right, adheres right to your car bumper!

Nurse patches (three)

For a donation described above, we will send you three RN patches. The original RN patches were designed by Mark Dion and J. Morgan Puett in collaboration with The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia for the exhibition, RN: The Past, Present, and Future of the Nurses' Uniform, presented in 2003.

Bulk orders or additional patches, please click here.

Nursing Diaries: Part I: "The Rookies"

The excellent documentary Nursing Diaries: The Rookies by Richard Khan. Recommended for recruitment. Perfect for a quick way to show people why nursing matters and why they should join the profession. See our review.


The DVD of Wit--the second highest ranked movie for nursing in our media review section. Read our review.

Nurses 5-part documentary series on DVD

The 5-part series of Nurses. This series from 2001 shows nurses in action in emergency / ICU, neonatal intensive care, oncology, psychiatry and pediatrics. Perfect for guidance counselors or others who want to show people what nursing is.

Free--Downloadable Posters to place at your school or workplace, or in your neighborhood!

Educate the world about what nurses really do! Our "I Am Your Registered Nurse" poster presents nurses as autonomous professionals on whom patients can rely. The poster explains that nurses are modern science professionals who protect and advocate for patients and empowers nurses to meet those challenges. Designed for the bedside, the poster comforts patients by educating them about the care environment and assuring them that nurses are there to fend for them.

Click here to see all seven posters!

Or consider the Truth's "Can Short Dresses Cause Short Staffing?" poster. This one takes humorous aim at the naughty nurse image that continues to haunt advertisements and other media, especially those aimed at males. The poster connects the naughty nurse image with the broader undervaluation that leads to gross underfunding of nursing education, research, and practice, ultimately threatening patients.


Short dresses poster