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Ordinary Joe season and episode reviews

Nursing rating

1 star

From our 2021 Fall TV preview

Ordinary JoeThis new drama examines how one man’s life might have been different – and not so different - depending on a seemingly minor choice he made at a critical early point. Specifically, it seems that main character Joe might have been a rock star, a police officer, or a nurse. Early episodes suggest the show will not focus on clinical nursing. But in a couple short scenes nurse Joe does seem to display a level of autonomy that is almost shocking for a modern hospital show, as he single-handedly manages the care of a wounded Congressman, at least for a few moments. More generally, it appears that Joe's choice of nursing is linked to his need to provide and care for his disabled son in that timeline. Going forward, even with the show's attention mostly on other things, it has the potential to do real good or real harm to nursing, based on the, uh, choices the show creators make. More information is available at the show's website: more...