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Our executive director's letter to Mr. Dugan about his use of the naughty nurse. (Our petiiton is now closed)

Dear Mr. Dugan: I urge you to stop selling your RestoreMax skin care product with "naughty nurse" imagery, which harms the real nursing profession. As you know, in the commercial you posted on YouTube, the attractive young "nurse" wears a very short white dress, has a leering, flirtatious manner, applies the product to her male "patient," and suggests that the patient can "get some" by taking her to dinner. Naughty nurse imagery like this reinforces a damaging stereotype of nurses as sexually available. I know it's "just a joke," but jokes affect what people think and do, or else you would never have made this video. This "joke" reinforces a damaging stereotype that has plagued real nurses around the world for decades, making it more difficult for them to be taken seriously and to attract the resources they need to save lives and improve outcomes. In fact, nurses are skilled professionals with years of college-level education. Imagery that equates nursing with female sexuality also helps to exacerbate the global nursing shortage, in part by discouraging men from joining the profession. I don't care if MensMax uses sex to market its product. But please stop associating sexuality with the profession of nursing. Thank you.