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The Truth's second letter to Lung Cancer Alliance. (Our petiiton is now closed)

Dear Ms. Fenton Ambrose and LCA's Board of Directors: Thank you for removing the "Waitin' Room Service" video PSA from your website. However, as I'm sure you know, the video has spread elsewhere on the Internet, and so it continues to harm the nursing profession. The video that LCA placed on YouTube, at least, is within your control, so I urge you to remove that and any others under your control today--and ask those who have cross-posted it to remove it from their websites as well. The global nursing shortage kills millions of people every year. Patients deserve to have nurses educate them about health care, advocate for them to stay as healthy as possible, and provide care for them when they are ill. The global nursing shortage is one of the world's greatest health crises, in large part because it is so universally overlooked. Trillions go into spending to alleviate specific diseases, and that is as it should be. But relatively little goes into strengthening the nursing infrastructure that could have prevented the diseases--like lung cancer--in the first place. Stereotypes like the ones you used in your PSA undermine real nurses' claims to adequate respect and resources. Our patients cannot get the quality or quantity of care that they need from a profession weakened by abusive treatment from the media. Should you decide to create any media in the future that mentions nurses or nursing, I hope you will work with the Truth About Nursing to make sure that it does not add to the growing burdens of the nursing shortage. Thank you.