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Building Nurse Advocates Project

Facilitating media outreach.

Conquering fears about media outreach.

Encourage nrse researchers to consider publication in the lay media as the end point of the research instead of publication in a health journal.

Help nurses understand and counteract the stereotypes they have been raised on. Some nurses haven't shaken them. See this Desmond Tutu clip.

Encourage nursing schools to incorporate public speaking into their curricula.

Encourage nursing schools to teach students how to argue, advocate or persuade — verbally or in writing.

Do outreach to the few nurse advisors that are in Hollywood and encourage them to defend nursing.

Improve Advocacy Skills

Host writing classes

Encourage media training such as that provided at George Washington University

Encourage nurses to educate those who need to learn about nursing such as with the nurse shadowing program, like the one pioneered at Dartmouth and another fashioned after it in Wisconsin, help increase understanding among those who will have a great influence on public understanding of nursing and the nursing practice environment.

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Educate the world that nurses save lives!

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