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The Guidance Counselor Project

Is being a physician better than being a nurse? Anecdotal evidence indicates that is the message guidance counselors often send to students, and research shows that private school students think nursing is too lowly for them. But in fact, nurses are autonomous professionals who use their years of college science education to save lives and improve health. They save lives by making astute assessments and decisive plans, taking bold actions, educating patients, families and the public, and advocating for patients and communities who cannot fight for themselves. We need counselors who influence future generations to understand that nurses deserve respect and admiration.

The Guidance Counselor DVD project

We would like to prepare a succinct DVD on the value of nursing and disseminate it to all guidance counselors.

Our Be a Nurse booklet

We have created an online booklet of information directed at career seekers. Please distribute widely to guidance counselors and young people everywhere. Please also help us keep it up-to-date or make suggestions for improvement by emailing us at

Street art posters project

Many students think about nurses in terms of the stereotypes they see in the media. We have created a series of "street art" style posters that address these stereotypes for anyone to download, print, distribute and hang. We are planning even more. Please let us know your ideas for posters at

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