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New Group Seeks to Educate Key Decision-Makers About Nursing

The Truth About Nursing, a leader in improving the image of nursing, announces the launch of a new working group: The Coalition for Better Understanding of Nursing.

The Coalition seeks to unite hospitals, nursing schools, and other nursing organizations in a robust effort to strengthen nursing and improve health care by educating decision-makers about the value of the profession.

"Nurses can harness the power of our collective vision and energy to build a better health care system," said Sandy Summers, founder and executive director of the Truth About Nursing. "We don't have to accept inadequate respect and resources that undermine our workplaces and endanger our patients. Now is the time to come together to show our value."

The Coalition will seek to highlight nursing achievements and innovations for key segments of the population, from career seekers to guidance counselors, from hospital colleagues to government officials, and from the media to the public at large.

"Recent months have shown that even those who have not been well-served by existing power structures can make positive changes if they stand together," Summers explained. "That is as true for nurses as anyone else."

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The Coalition for Better Understanding of Nursing is hosted by the Truth About Nursing, a section 501(c)(3) organization. Its leaders have been working to improve public understanding of nursing since 2001.

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